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Valuation of a small Recruitment Agency

We were engaged to assess the value of a small recruitment business to assist in the potential sale of the business. What was evident from the outset of this investigation was the co-operation and excellent documentation on the financial position of the business.  Experience suggests that the market is prepared to pay slightly higher figures for businesses that have maintained and have... more

Valuations of a small concreting business

We were engaged to assess the value of a small concreting business to assist in a marriage separation. The first issue we confronted was the change of ownership structure.  Historical financials provided were in the form of a Sole Trader ownership.  In July 2015 the business changed to a Company ownership.  It is unlikely that this change of ownership structure would change the final... more

Valuation of A La Porchetta Resturant

We were engaged for a Family Law case to assess the value of a La Porchetta Restaurant. This was an interesting business to assess as the historical financials did not show much consistency in levels of profit and key expenses.  There were also issues with the business falling behind in super payments which would have to be accounted for by a hypothetical buyer. Once the usual adjustments... more

Valuation of a Smash Repair Business

We were engaged to assist in a settlement of a Family Law Divorce Matter.  We were requested by one party to complete a valuation on their business to assist in negotiations of the settlement. The business was a small smash repair business in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. One of the key overruling aspects and methods of valuing a business is to assess whether the PEBITDA is both... more

Valuation of an Auto Parts Manufacturer

We were engaged as Business Valuers to assess the value of a Auto Part Manufacturer for the purpose of the break down of an estate.  The business had been running for many years and of recent times its financial performance had being on a roller coaster, mainly due to many of its clients are car manufacturers in Australia, and with most of these car manufacturers closing down the future of the... more

Valuation of a Small Surveying Firm

We were engaged as Business Valuers to assess the market worth of a small surveying firm in Melbourne. It was tough to find comparable business sales as many surveying firms are not sold on the open market, more often than not they are sold within the family or to internal staff or directors. That been said, we were able to uncover a sale of a surveying firm with a slightly higher turnover and... more

Valuation of a Retail Bedding Franchise

When assessing the value of a franchise there is normally a healthy number of comparable businesses within the franchise chain that have sold that can be used as benchmarking. Unfortunately in this scenario this was not the case. None the less we were able to find six other franchise retail furniture and bedding business sales that we could use as sales evidence. The sales evidence whilst... more

Valuation of a Moving & Storage Business – Restructure

We were recently engaged to assess the market value of a moving and storage business to assist in a restructure of their companies. The main issue and difficulty in assessing this business was the fluctuating nature of income over recent years, mainly due to the business changing direction with a large corporate contract. This contract appeared to make significant changes to the way the... more

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